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SAREK SLIM by Boln is a 43X43X8 cm confortable Cushion.


The aesthetics of the Sarek de Bõln collection are doubly fluid and organic, since not only the design of its modules is curved and soft shapes.


Fabric Colors
  • Bõln is a brand of contract furniture for commercial spaces that, for the manufacturing of its collections, relies on the support of “Poliuretanos Rivas,” an industrial company specializing in polyurethane foam injection for over 40 years. Its well-established track record is Bõln’s greatest endorsement, thanks to its experience in developing industrial equipment for various sectors, such as automotive, hospitality, and healthcare. Moreover, it’s a company committed to sustainable development, both ecologically and within its local community, which is why it maintains all its production in Spain.

    The raw material of the polyurethane foam used for the Flexyskin technique comes from green waste and is certified by REDcert. Despite their robust look, the polyurethane foam surfaces are soft and pliable to provide a comfortable rest. The furniture surfaces have antifungal and antibacterial properties certified by the JIS Z 2801 (ISO 22196). The furniture is waterproof and has an organic design produced by the Flexyskin technique that makes it easy to clean on a regular basis. The maintenance process is certified according to the UNE-EN 12720 standard. Water will not seep into Flexyskin surfaces, that is what makes our products so perfect for outdoor environments. Certified according to the UNE-EN ISO 811 standard.