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Carrer Gombau 18

08003 Barcelona, Spain


Registered office​:

Carrer Pallrs 84 Atico 4

08018 Barcelona, Spain

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About the Studio

Welcome to KEIGIO®, specialist in bespoke product and furniture design, with a focus on modular and office furniture!

Our specialization extends to FLEX & FUN Office Furniture, where the designs redefine and characterize Dynamics Spaces.
We collaborate closely with clients, co-creating Powerful Concepts that come to life through 3D Design and Rendering.

Whether it's residences or retail spaces, KEIGIO® expertise lies in shaping environments that blend technical precision with aesthetic finesse.

Choose KEIGIO® for innovative and timeless designs that go beyond expectations... our Design Studio is a dynamic force, constantly evolving to meet contemporary tastes.

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