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The 54x54 SIDE TABLE


This magical table can be easily hooked onto the top of each module of the 54x54 series, where there are free handle holes to accommodate it. It is a very convenient element for placing a computer or notebook on. Transform our 54x54 step system into a perfect multi-work platform.


Our WOODEN elements can be built in pine plywood or with the elegant birch finish. They can also be constructed of solid MDF with a white, black or any other color you choose lacquered finish. Any customization is possible. For extreme resistance needs, commercial environments, schools or public spaces we recommend the strongest HPL finish (choice of finishes, even with natural wood effect).


All the modules are built with strictly FSC wood. They are perfect as end table or storage box.


Base Finishing

    KEIGIO® 54×54 provide the perfect seating solution for any location. From workspaces to commercial sites, these patented bleachers offer a unique seating experience with a base of 54×54 cm and five different heights available: 18, 36, 48, 64, and 92 cm.

    All of these height options provide superior comfort and functionality, making them ideal for any location regardless of size or purpose. With their robust yet stylish design, KEIGIO® 54×54 are the perfect seating solution for any location.

    Simple to assembly to combine, join and create your modular Bleachers system

    Our KEIGIO® 54×54 modular system allows you to extend your seating system with a third (H-shaped) element made of solid wood.

    This element gives you the flexibility to create customised compositions that fit your space perfectly. Once your design is complete, you just need all the components to create the perfect bleachers system for your space.

    The whole process is quick and simple, allowing you to enjoy your new modular bleachers system