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Our RECTANGULAR CUSHIONit is perfect for those configurations in which you choose to use as few modules as possible. Thanks to these smaller cushions, the passage for passing and resting the feet is kept free. Rectangular cushions are normally used on the first lowest line of modular seats, normally 48H high. 


The density of its foam has been designed to make every configuration you choose to design with our modular system comfortable. The cushions can be attached with the help of Velcro or left free to be moved as desired or stored inside the STORAGE modules.


8 colors and 1000 ways to make your sofa even more comfortable and original.


We ensure that we exclusively use certified fabrics for our products, particularly those from the brands FIDIVI and Gabriel, both Trevira certified. These certifications confirm that the fabrics meet the required standards of quality and safety to ensure compliance with the high-quality project requirements.


Fabric Colors
Base Finishing
  • The 54x54 SOFA PUFF Modules are available in3 different shapes and different heights:



    h36 made of a perfect density foam to feel as comfortable as the seat of a sofa which it is. 

    h48 constructed with a more rigid foam to be used as a single stool


    h36 made of a perfect density foam to feel as comfortable as the seat of a sofa which it is


    All square and round modules all have a 6cm top layer of viscoelastic.



    h48 Armrest

    h64 Backrest


    All SOFA PUFF Modules are crafted and designed for Contract. Certified textiles, and FSC wood.