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Turn your Office or Living Room or workspace into a playground!


For the first time in the market of these gaming tables we can choose whether to use the table folded and therefore occupying half the space or open. The measures of the table, when it is open are those of an Official PING PONG table 152.5x274x76 cm. Closed 152.5x137x76 cm.


The KEIGIO® PONG is built using noble materials, thick birch or pine plywood, an internal iron structure and Lisocore® a material-efficient high performance construction material.


Instead of Lisocore+Birch finish we also design a new option using coloured trilaminated MDF by Finsa called Twincolour. Black style with coloured core.

KEIGIO® PONG _ Birch Plywood

Core Colors
Lisocore Wood Finish: Natural Birch
  • All the edges built in plywood are rounded and generate the signature design of all KEIGIO® products.

    At KEIGIO® design, we have a weakness for details. We chose to use huge 75mm diameter longboard-type skateboard wheels from the famous American brand Orangatang so that the table becomes easy to move.

    We have designed ad hoc graphics for this table that we apply with the renowned technique of screen printing on wood. The designs can be printed both on the outside and inside of the furniture. You can choose from several graphics that we have created especially for you. However, you can add any kind of custom screen printing that will make your table unique or give you the opportunity to highlight your brand.