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This element of the SOFA PUFF category is the tallest, and is used as a comfortable backrest. Its base is 36x36 cm and its height is 94 cm. Its heart is made of high quality foam of different densities in order to offer unparalleled comfort. Like all the other modules in the 36x36 collection, it is topped with 6 cm of viscoelastic. 


We ensure that we exclusively use certified fabrics for our products, particularly those from the brands FIDIVI and Gabriel, both Trevira certified. These certifications confirm that the fabrics meet the required standards of quality and safety to ensure compliance with the high-quality project requirements.



36x36 SOFA PUFF _HIGH 64h

Fabric Colors
Base Finishing
  • The SOFA PUFF elements have a base of 36 x 36 centimeters and 3 possible heights of 36, 48 and 64 centimeters. The SOFA PUFF modules all have a top layer of 6 cm of viscoelastics.

    The KEIGIO® 36x36 System utilize a solid birch wood element with a unique geometry that enables the seamless connection of various modules. This design allows for easy insertion or removal of individual modules within the sofa system, regardless of their position.

    In ordet to change the color of a cushion cover, simply pull the desired puff upwards to detach it from the sofa system. This effortless removal allows for convenient replacement of the cover, and once done, you can easily insert the puff back into place using the same process. This user-friendly feature ensures hassle-free customization and flexibility for your modular system.