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54x54 System


54x54 System


KEIGIO® 54x54 is our most comprehensive and innovative system. All modules are interchangeable and have a 54x54 centimeter base. We designed this system to fulfill two different needs: to create comfortable sofas and to establish chill-out spaces at various heights, like bleachers in trendy offices.


With KEIGIO® 54x54 we have created something unique, a new concept that combines the classic office furniture with home furniture. It is extremely functional & flexible.


The WOODEN modules can have 5 different heights and two different systems for storing items such as laptops, notebooks, or cushions. Then there are the SOFA PUFF modules, incredibly comfortable with their 6 cm of memory foam on top. The KEIGIO® 54x54 is completed with a movable SIDE TABLE and the set of CUSHIONS. All of them can be customized in terms of colors, finishes, and materials.

The modular KEIGIO® 54x54 is easily reconfigurable to create seating areas, sofa systems, auditorium spaces or collaboration points with an incredible flexibility from chillout space, to meditation, to playground.


The KEIGIO® 54x54 embraces sustainability by utilizing FSC certified wood materials. With finishes available in natural Birch, natural Pine, white, or black lacquered.


The elements are durable and robust, the 54x54 System is suitable for various locations such as bars, restaurants, offices, commercial spaces, and homes.


Its versatility ensures a seamless integration into any environment. The SOFA PUFF modules and upholstered CUSHION pads are meticulously crafted to order, offering a wide range of fabric options, colors, and patterns.

The foams and fabrics used could be fire-resistant and fully certified for contract use, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations. The SOFA PUFF modules all have a top layer of 6 cm of viscoelastics.

One of the features of the KEIGIO® 54x54 is the mix between rigid and soft elements. This combination creates furnitures that seamlessly blend into any environment, from a cozy living room to a modern office space.


The WOODEN elements add a touch of elegance and sophistication, while the SOFA PUFF modules provide a comfortable and relaxed seating experience. With all the 12 modules, 2 Cushions, and the SIDE TABLE, it caters to all needs and spaces.


The various heights, material and special variants, add unique features to the system, allowing for endless possibilities.


Whether for cozy seating or functional workstations, the KEIGIO® 54x54 offers versatility and adaptability. Unleash your creativity and explore the countless ways to use and enjoy the 54x54 System.

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