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36x36 System


36x36 System


The KEIGIO® 36x36 is our first project that we are very proud of. It is a modular system consisting of interchangeable modules, all with a 36x36 centimeter base. Without a doubt, the KEIGIO® 36x36 is the sofa system with the smallest modules on the market! The different modules vary in height and functionality.


There are WOODEN modules, perfect as support surfaces and for storing objects inside. The SOFA PUFF modules come in three different heights and can be used as seats (h36), armrests (h48), and backrests (h64).


The SOFA PUFF modules are made using comfortable foams of different densities and 6 cm of memory foam on top of everyone. The KEIGIO® 36x36 is completed with a set of CUSHIONS Fabrics, colors, as well as wooden materials can be chosen from a wide range of proposals or customised, if required.​

The KEIGIO® 36X36 modular system is ingeniously crafted, featuring two types of elements with identical dimensions for seamless interchangeability: the inviting SOFA PUFF seats and the versatile WOODEN end table-box.


These SOFA PUFF modules showcase adaptability by effortlessly transforming into FLOOR CUSHIONS. This involves removing the wooden plinth and replacing it with a special cover featuring an eco-leather base.


These FLOOR CUSHIONS are soft and practical, ideal for enhancing floor space in your children’s bedroom or any preferred area.


To complement the KEIGIO® 36x36 System, two additional CUSHIONS are included—one rectangular and one triangular.

Both cushions feature removable, washable covers, adding convenience to the design. 


This modular system, with its versatile elements, offers a dynamic and stylish solution to meet your furnishing needs, whether for relaxation or aesthetic enhancement.


The KEIGIO® 36x36 System utilizes a solid birch wood element with a unique geometry that enables the seamless connection of various modules. This design facilitates easy insertion or removal of individual modules within the sofa system, regardless of their position.


For example, if you wish to change the color of a cushion cover, simply pull the desired puff upwards to detach it from the sofa system. This effortless removal allows for convenient replacement of the cover, and once done, you can easily insert the puff back into place using the same process.


This user-friendly feature ensures hassle-free customization and flexibility for your modular system.

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