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Modular Shelving Unit

The KEIGIO® SHELF system offers countless configurations to suit various spaces and preferences. Constructed with molded raw aluminum joints and arms, it ensures durability and stability.

What sets it apart is the intuitive assembly process, requiring no additional tools. Users can easily customize sizes and layouts to meet changing needs.

Choose from stainless steel, security glass, or transparent methacrylate surfaces to enhance visual appeal and seamlessly integrate into any environment.

KEIGIO® SHELF is a modular system inspired by the ancient Japanese art of interlocking assembly called Sashimono, literally “things together”.‎ Our system is based on simplicity.‎ Without the need for screws or tools, we create a very solid structure with an industrial style.‎

KEIGIO ® SHELF elements are created with the help of molds.‎ We use the diecasting technique to pour the raw aluminum and cre - ate the two indispensable elements that make up the structure.‎ 

The KEIGIO® SHELF system is designed to define and organize the spaces we live in.‎ The construction elements are minimalist forms that are combined to create horizontal and vertical surfaces that respond to different functional demands for the rationalization of the environments.‎


The KEIGIO® SHELF has an almost infinite number of configurations based on perfect proportions like those of a cube that is multiplied to give life to a fractal furniture.‎ All shelf configurations are freestanding without the need to be connected to the wall.‎

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