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Welcome to the world of KEIGIO® DESK: the modular solution for dynamic workspaces.

The KEIGIO® DESK epitomizes innovation in office furniture design. With its intelligent and versatile geometry, this modular table offers endless configuration possibilities, allowing for the creation of unique compositions tailored to every work need.

From boardrooms to coworking spaces, from libraries to specialized classrooms, the KEIGIO® DESK seamlessly adapts to a wide range of settings, shifting our brand's focus towards operational efficiency and workspace flexibility.

With the KEIGIO® DESK, there are no limits to creativity: each configuration is an opportunity to optimize space organization and foster collaboration among colleagues. Whether for informal meetings, brainstorming sessions, or focused individual work, our modular table always proves to be a valuable ally for productivity and employee comfort.

Discover the unlimited potential of the KEIGIO® DESK and transform your workspace into a dynamic and inspiring environment, ready to support your ideas and stimulate your creativity.

The tabletop of our modular KEIGIO® DESK features standard dimensions of 165x59 cm, providing a generous work area for daily activities.


Thanks to its intelligent design, it can be used with metal legs of variable heights, adjustable to 75 cm or 90 cm depending on the specific needs of the user.

The table legs are available both with and without wheels equipped with brakes, offering a flexible solution to adapt the table to different work contexts and making it easily transportable within the workspace.

An alternative to metal legs is represented by our special modules, compatible with the 54x54 System.


This option allows transforming the table into a multifunctional console, equipped with specially designed spaces to accommodate typical office tools such as notebooks, books, tablets, and laptops.

The special 54x54 modules also allow the creation of customized configurations, enabling the connection of tables with each other or with other elements of the system using a third component called "Joint."


Both tables and special modules can be made from two distinct materials: marine pine plywood, laminated HPL MDF, or lacquered MDF, available in a wide range of colors to meet every aesthetic and functional need.

Discover the versatility and practicality of the KEIGIO DESK and transform your workspace into a dynamic and efficient environment, ready to support your daily work activities with style and functionality.

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