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Modular Lamp System

The translucent methacrylate KEIGIO® LAMP system composed of 3 different modules: open, closed or illuminated. They are easily configurable to obtain a number of different lamp shapes.

The KEIGIO® LAMP system is inspired by the 80s game, the Rubik’s Snake, and we have scaled it to get a completely modular lamp.

The translucent methacrylate elements can be open, closed and illuminated modules easily configurable in order to obtain an infinite number of shapes.
The lamp is transformable in a playful way to resemble a wide variety of objects, animals, or geometric shapes like the original toy.

Every detail is essential for the functionality of KEIGIO® LAMP. The closed module serves as both a construction element and a lamp, housing an LED lighting body. With smart Wi-Fi bulbs, you can conveniently control the LED lighting using your mobile phone.

The open form doubles as a construction element, allowing you to personalize it by placing your favorite objects inside. Books, magazines, souvenirs, and decorations can add a unique touch to your lamp system.

The translucent methacrylate KEIGIO® LAMP system comprises three modules—open, closed, and illuminated—configurable into countless luminous shapes. Have fun recreating iconic 1980s game forms by configuring and reconfiguring your lamp.

Inspired by the Rubik’s Snake toy, our system uses Fastmount® clips for secure connections between modules.


Fastmount®, a leading New Zealand company in the naval sector, ensures precision, strength, and safety. Thanks to Fastmount®, our dream has become a reality.

Explore the possibilities with vibrant neon colors and create truly reconfigurable art installations with KEIGIO® LAMP.

KEIGIO® LAMP - Modular Lamp System

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