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The KEIGIO®️ CHAIR is completely handmade, with care and every little detail is inspired by the passion for Skate.

The KEIGIO®️ CHAIR is an element with an innovative design characterized by clean lines and soft shapes with the unmistakable style of our products. The KEIGIO®️ CHAIR are surmounted by a 60mm diameter tubular galvanized iron backrest that recalls the structures of the skateparks and is comfortable and enveloping. The chairs are available in two variants, with and without large Longboard wheels. The clear reference to the world of skateboarding is the result of the fusion of different passions such as design and urban culture, both part of our DNA.

The KEIGIO® CHAIR is meticulously crafted by hand, with every detail reflecting a passion for skateboarding.‎ It stands as an innovative design piece characterized by clean lines and gentle shapes, embodying the unmistakable style of our products.‎


Topped with a 60mm diameter tubular galvanized iron backrest reminiscent of skatepark structures, the KEIGIO® CHAIR offers comfort in its enveloping design.‎ 


Available in two variants, with or without large Longboard wheels, the chairs draw a clear reference to the skateboarding world, a result of merging different passions such as design and urban culture—integral parts of our DNA.


‎ The surprisingly sturdy KEIGIO® CHAIR features a slide-grind rail-style backrest for exceptional comfort.‎

It comes equipped with massive 75mm diameter Longboard wheels from the renowned American brand Orangatang, making it effortlessly movable and stabilized in one position with brakes

Our chairs seamlessly complement the tables we’ve designed, sharing the same arches, rounded edges, and overall concept.‎ Constructed with FSC certified wood materials, a globally recognized sustainable forest solution, it utilizes birch marine plywood for exceptional strength and durability.‎


Completing the armrests of the backrest are two elements made of 3D printed plastic.‎ They will be branded with the K of KEIGIO® on one side and with the lightning bolt on the other, but you have the option to customize them as you wish.‎

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